Apple does not stop taking Tesla employees – not just to make cars

It is no secret that Apple is working on Project Titan on something related to stand-alone cars. And to put that into practice, it turned mainly to one of the most popular automakers in the industry today: Tesla.

According to CNBC, who spoke to former employees and collected data from LinkedIn, Apple has led the company by Elon Musk as the favorite to take. In total alone in 2018, 46 people left the manufacturer of electric vehicles to work in Cupertino. These relocations took place since 2015, even before Project Titan was known to the public.

The most remarkable thing is that all this quota is not only directed at such a Project Titan. Several of the contractors provide their skills to software, screen, optical and battery sectors for products of other brands.

A person.Doug Field.

Some were trainees, others were dismissed by Musk for the new contract and some were important pieces: the head of the Auto Pilot division and also the senior vice president of Engineering, Doug Field, are now the employees of Tim Cook.

Why is this happening?

In an interview with a Tesla technician who still works there and chose not to identify himself, CNBC discovered the reasons for this massive exchange: in fact, leadership sentiment, competitive salary and products attract employees.

It may seem obvious to accept an offer from Apple, but it is worth remembering that Tesla is a manufacturer with sufficient potential and has already revolutionized the automotive market.

However, the internal problems of the brand, the delay in the delivery of models and even the turbulent management of Musk can weigh heavily at the moment.

The side of Tesla

Tesla has issued a statement on the subject. View it completely:

"We wish them the best Tesla is the hard way we have 100 times less money than Apple, so they can naturally afford higher payments We are in extremely difficult battles against established car companies that are 100 times more expensive than we did we do not even have money for advertising, sponsorship or discounts, so we only have to survive on the quality of our products.

Anyway, we believe in our mission and that it is worth the time sacrifice and the barrier of incessant negativity for those who wish us wrong. And follow life. The world must go towards sustainable energy and must do it now. "

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