Association warns of urgency of the rail link with Europe

The Portuguese Association for the Development of Rail Transport did not consider the recent recent investments in the railways sufficiently and warned the political power for the urgency of rail connections to Europe, in the context of Portugal 2030.

The president of the Portuguese Association for the Development of Rail Transport and Integrated Transport Systems (ADFERSIT), Tomás Leiria Pinto, found that the sector "is currently facing the consequences of the management of the CP that the various political forces have done" and the disinvestment years of austerity.

However, Tomás Leiria Pinto pointed out that the association does not follow the "campaign to discredit the CP" and pointed out solutions to the problems of the company, namely the need for "an integrated commercial vision that delays and suppresses trains a minimum ", and solutions for" the inadequate existing office structure ", so that the" operational capacity "of the company is restored. He added that the Ferrovia 2020 program has made possible a number of recent investments, but "unfortunately still insufficient, as has been said repeatedly."

Leiria Pinto stated that he was concerned about the preparation of the 2030 program, which defines the projects with which Portugal can integrate the European networks, and said that an immediate action plan should be adopted within the framework of the program to enable the PC to operate. but at the same time ensure the preservation of a wealth of knowledge and experience, indispensable to ensure the liberalization and future of rail transport in Portugal. "

In that sense he said that priority should be given to the Aveiro-Porto and Guarda-Salamanca connections in the Norte international corridor; to the international southern corridor, between Sines-Lisbon-Setúbal and Évora-Caia-Badajoz; and the North-South connection between A Coruña / Valencia (Spain), Porto, Lisbon and Faro. "These are decisive issues that are not properly considered and that require more attention from the political power in Portugal," said the president of ADFERSIT.

ADFERSIT – Portuguese association for the development of rail transport and integrated transport systems is dedicated to finding technical solutions to the existing problems in the railway sector.

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