Australia prohibits Huawei from providing equipment for mobile network 5G

Government quotes risk of foreign interference in politics; For Beijing, the decision is discriminatory & # 39;

The Chinese Huawei Technologies suffered a new setback from the government. After the United States limited the equipment of the manufacturer, the telecommunications company, in addition to banning smartphones from the local market, was banned by Australia to supply equipment for a 5G mobile network. The Australian government cites the risk of foreign interference and virtual invasion.

second Reuters report, the decision comes after recommendations from security agencies, but is a direct response to the claims of Canberra, the federal capital of Australia, suggesting the possibility of Chinese interference with Australian politics.

In an e-mail statement sent Thursday (23), the Australian government said that the national security typically applied to telecom operators is now being extended to equipment suppliers. Australia states that companies that are "sensitive to extra-judicial targeting by a foreign government" would make the country's network vulnerable to unauthorized access, posing a security risk. Chinese law requires that citizens and organizations support, help and cooperate with intelligence. So, in theory, Huawei's equipment would be more susceptible to espionage.

Although it did not identify Huawei in the document, according to Reuters, an Australian government official said the order was targeted at the Chinese manufacturer in question.

Through a statement on Twitter, the Australian unit of Huawei denied that it is controlled by Beijing. Spokesman Lu Kang of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing said that China expressed "serious concern" and added that Australia can not "use various excuses to artificially create barriers and implement discriminatory practices".

Reuters recalls that Australia previously forbade Huawei to provide equipment for its fiber optic network and advanced to prevent the company from installing submarine cables in the Pacific.

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