Baixo Alentejo region with more projects approved in Portugal 2020

The intermediary municipality of Baixo Alentejo (CIMBAL) is the one with the largest number of projects approved under Portugal 2020 and expects this year to double the implementation of community funds of the program compared to 2017.

"Currently CIMBAL is the intermunicipal community of the country with the largest number of approved applications," says the institution in total 131, in a statement sent to the Lusa agency on Tuesday.

According to the institution, for example, the averages of projects approved in the intermunicipal communities of the northern (69) and center (58) regions, almost all with global allocations in the context of Portugal 2020 above CIMBAL & # 39; s global allocation, "significantly more low."

In conversation with Lusa, the coordinator of the support structure of CIMBAL, responsible for the management of community support, Luís Lança Silva, explained that the situation is mainly due to two reasons.

One of the reasons is that CIMBAL has submitted individual applications per municipality in some investment areas, such as administrative modernization, while other intercommunales have submitted joint applications from the respective municipalities, he said.

In the case of administrative modernization, for example, some intercommunales presented a joint candidacy from all their municipalities, while CIMBAL already submitted ten applications and planned to present three more, with a total of 13, one per municipality, he said.

The other reason is that CIMBAL is the "intermunicipal community that is present" in the implementation of projects under the SI2E Program – Entrepreneurship and employment incentive scheme.

"CIMBAL is the first intermunicipal community to approve projects in the 1st and 2nd phase and tries everything to be the 1st in the third phase of SI2E", he emphasized.

According to Luís Lança Silva, the 131 projects will absorb 12.3 million euros and represent a commitment rate of 43% of the total EU allocation of 28 million euros to CIMBAL under Portugal 2020.

The 131 projects will bring a total investment of 20.1 million euros, of which an amount of 16.4 million euros will be eligible for co-financing by Community funds and will absorb the 12.3 million euros, while the remaining amounts will be insured by the respective promoters.

Of the 131 projects, the majority, 108, are promoted by municipalities, through different programs, and the remaining 23 by companies, under the SI2E program, said.

Promoted by municipalities, projects of administrative modernization, rehabilitation of schools of the 1st cycle of primary education, recuperation of the heritage, actions of valorisation of cante alentejano and the realization of cultural events stand out.

CIMBAL wants to double the percentage of 08% of the implementation of Portugal 2020 community funds registered at the end of 2017 to a percentage of 16% by the end of this year.

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