Balance municipal accounts makes investments of 14 million possible

The municipality of Braga is preparing to continue with a loan of 8.5 million euros with the aim of financing a series of strategic investment projects representing a total amount of almost 14 million euros.

The proposal will be discussed this Monday at the meeting of the chamber.

"This measure is only possible as a result of the control and balance of the municipal accounts of recent years, supported by the reduction of the medium and long-term debt burden, giving the municipality more financial capacity to access this type of financing, "says the camera statement.

The projects to be financed include the reclassification of Rua Costa Gomes, the rehabilitation of the access dark from Robert Smith Avenue to Avenida Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires, the regularization of the Torto River / Variante do Cávado, the Youth Hostel, the requalification of the multifunctional building Dr . Francisco Sanches, repairs and improvements of school buildings, as well as the requalification of various children's parks.

"The city council has significantly reduced its debts in recent years and can now take advantage of the conditions on the financial market and thus create funds to ease the burden of Autarchy finances, given the very high number of investments in many of them at the expense of the municipal budget ", says Ricardo Rio, mayor of Braga.

However, this investment is not yet part of the room's action plan until 2020, since EUR 14 million of all the projects earmarked for Community funding are excluded.

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