Bank of Portugal was operational for the first time in the conversion of the

"We successfully completed the reconversion process, you have access (to the website) and your accounts checked … the great work of the Banco Plaza human team has made this possible possible", said the bank in her Twitter account.

On the other hand, the bank explains in another message that "the services have 100% (operational) online after monetary conversion."

Founded on March 9, 1989, by natural entrepreneurs of Madeira, as a commercial bank, it was allowed in November 2012 by the Superintendent of banks and other financial institutions (Sudeban) to operate as a "universal bank".

Banco Plaza has 40 offices and offices on Venezuelan territory and distinguished itself in 2017 by the publication 'Global Banking & Finance Review & # 39; as the fastest growing private bank in Venezuela.

According to the Venezuelan magazine Banca & Negocios, Banco Plaza ended 2017 as the third Venezuelan bank, with "a higher return on equity, with an index of 220.5%".

Venezuela today had two new accounting currency units, the sovereign bolivar and the crypto petro-currencies, in the context of the monetary conversion that came into force and under which President Nicolas Maduro issued a public holiday.

The sovereign bolívar (BS.S, or VES official international acronym) came from the reconversion announced by President Nicolás Maduro, who eliminated five zeros for the current strong Bolivia (BSF) and includes paper money of eight different values: two, five, ten, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Bs.S) and two metal coins (50 cents and 1 Bs.S).

On the other hand, the crypto Venezuelan petrovaluta becomes compulsory accounting for all operations of the state-owned Petróleos da Venezuela SA and the oil sector, and the value of which is 3,600 sovereign bolivares.

The monthly minimum wage and product prices of Venezuelans are now presented on the basis of the value of petro, which in turn is indexed to the value of the international price of a barrel of crude oil and is based on the reserves of various natural resources, such as oil , gold, diamonds and natural gas.

In the past 20 years, Venezuela has carried out two monetary reconversion activities.

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