Barreiro. Container terminal in public consultation from October

Barreiro containers will be in public consultation from 16 October. The guarantee was given to i by Rui Braga, municipal councilor of urban management and the rehabilitation of the city hall. Braga is of the opinion that, in contrast to what happened with the previous project, it will be able to be approved, so that the international tender for the construction and operation of the terminal can be launched early next year. "We know that there is a very strong intention of the government to install this operating unit here and if there is no objection during the public consultation process that will last until November 26, I believe that the APL Administration of the Port of Lisbon in will be able to continue with the international public tender, sometime between January and February ", refers to i.

The official draws attention to the weight of this project in the city. The investment amounts to approximately 600 million euros and will enable the creation of more than 500 direct jobs and attract new businesses to the province. For now, Rui Braga can no longer help the number of new companies that will settle in the province, and will soon promise a study. "We still do not know how many companies we can attract, we want to do a study, even when it comes to fiscal measures, so that we can encourage the arrival of companies from a specific sector to the Barreiro, fruit of the need terminal, "confirms.

Still to be confirmed is the request from the local authorities to the Ministry of the Sea, so it is expected that the player who wins the concession must have its headquarters in Barreiro. "It is not yet certain that this will be considered, we will only know when the specifications will be released, but it was positive that this would happen, because the head office in Barreiro, the player would have to pay taxes here and ignore this request. we do not have the positive effects this project has for the city, namely on the creation of jobs, which is very good given the unemployment that exists in Barreiro ", warns the municipal councilor at i.

Changes in the previous project

Rui Braga is optimistic about the completion of the investment, after the project was taken over by the former mayor in an environmental impact study, because the opinion of the autarchy has a binding character.

What has changed? The location. In contrast to the initial project, this makes the third crossing of the Tagus possible. "The project we are conducting is predicting the terminal at a new location and will therefore receive the approval of all parties in the autarchy." We also discussed the accessibility of roads and railways to Infraestruturas de Portugal, "he assures.

Rui Braga also says that in the study of environmental effects mooring nodes and possible entrances and exits in the bay of Tejo were considered. "I am convinced that now all things are compatible, not only the third crossing, but also the future airport of Montijo and for this a connection Barreiro / Montijo is needed", he said, adding that the municipality is developing, together with the APL, a city study that should be ready by the end of the year "to see how the containers can best be sewn with the urban fabric."

According to counsel's accounts, "if everything goes well, the terminal will be ready to work between 2024 and 2025, because the work will take five to six years."

Increasing the traffic capacity and completing the Lisbon terminal are the most important objectives, according to the person responsible for this project. "In addition, there are other functions that the Lisbon terminal does not have, namely the ability to receive a different type of cargo.Another special feature is the installation of barge docks, ie in its maximum fullness about 30% of the traffic can be disposed of by inland vessels ".

It is recalled that initially the location of Trafaria was identified as a solution, but the idea finally came to an end when Barreiro was announced as the only location on the table for the installation of the reinforcement of the container terminal in the port of Lisbon.

Earlier this year, Minister Ana Paula Vitorino even admitted that Chinese investors were interested in the container terminal in Barreiro. Chinese investors were more interested in the new Sines terminal, but also in Barreiro. We have shown interest from major international operators and from investors who have no route in the port area but are interested in the ports, especially in the ports of Sines, Lisbon and Leixões, "he said. Governor also drew attention to the appearance of demonstrations of interest from "Northern European groups planning to settle in Portugal and begin to analyze the market." "They believe this port investment package will create opportunities not only in port activities, but also in all related activities. "

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