Belgium organizes the largest aquatic film studio in Europe in 2019

Belgium has the largest indoor aquatic film studio in Europe since 2019, for a total planned investment of € 23 million, which has been under construction since May 2017.

The project came from cameraman Wim Michiels, founder of the movie rental and underwater film company Lites, who said in an interview with the Spanish news agency EFE: "Belgium is the ideal place to make movies"

The new Belgian "film city" ", which opens on January 2, has already marked about 20 films each.

The structure has three studio's, two of which are dedicated to aquatic scenes, of respectively 1200 and 1700 square meters, the largest of which has a depth of nine meters, with capacity for six million liters of heated water

. estimated price for a week of running is 36,000 euros.

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