Bitcoin: study predicts that cytopedia reaches 98 thousand dollars

Bitcoin and crypto coins generally still cause some people discomfort.
However, this technology still has a lot of time to grow and make progress and there are experts who ensure that this happens every day.

According to a recent study conducted by Satis Group, Bitcoin could reach $ 98,000 over the next five years.

bitcoin criptomoedastudie

The report written by Sherwin Dowlat, a researcher in the area of ​​crypto coins, provides an analysis of the crypto-coin market. For example, there is generally a tendency for high growth in the digital currency sector.

But the shared numbers were what surprised many people. The report states that Bitcoin is expected to hit $ 98,000 in the next five years, with Monero (XMR) reaching $ 18,000 and Decred (DCR) for $ 535.

bitcoin criptomoedastudie

On the other hand, the report predicts that Bitcoin Cash, the hard fork of Bitcoin, is expected to fall to $ 268, after still trying to get some recognition. However, it will not provide a major technological advantage.

Moreover, the team of experts behind the study is of the opinion that the Ethereum platform will suffer heavy losses in the coming years and should be visible from 2028 onwards. Despite the strong community behind Ethereum, there are minor shortcomings in the design and management of platform.

Bitcoin Crypto coins

Finally, the study also makes predictions about market growth in the next ten years. According to the report released, the value of crypto-coins needed to support this economy is expected to grow from about $ 500 billion next year to $ 3.6 billion in 2028.

In general, analysts are of the opinion that the growth of the crypto-coin market is still very early and that we will have to experience significant growth in the coming years. Although it is only a study, we realize that much more will happen in this exciting world of digital currencies.

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