Block rises to stop before 2019: "Here we are for all responsibilities" Catarina Martins

It sounded like a campaign at the end of the campaign, even though we were more than a year busy with parliamentary elections. The coordinator of Sunday on the left block came to the pulpit to close the socialism forum, the opening party of the political year that this time precedes three elections, and to make it clear that next time it will be available to go further in the support of a future government, even to give.

"Here we are for all responsibilities.We are the left-wing," Catarina Martins said with an emphasis on her voice when the speech ended.

The intervention served three purposes: to confirm the Left Bloc as responsible party and to make it clear that it is still a party of opposition to the PS, but constructively; point to the right as the source of all evil of the past and the present; and raise the flag of public investment high before the right hand appropriates it.

Responsibility was a kind of mantra that Catherine Martins repeatedly voiced, even in contrast to the PS. He reminded the government that it even found it irresponsible to raise the lowest pensions in an extraordinary way or to increase the IRS, and that only the pressure of the bloc ensured: "Can anyone say it was irresponsible? The government is not, luckily we did it. "So he concluded:" It is up to BE's demand that many of the measures that are part of our collective life are due We have risen to the height of their responsibility . "

Farpas for the PS, irony with Nuno Melo

The demarcation with the PS was made in relation to the zero-deficit and the prisoners to reach it when he said that "hiding the deficit of the bills destroys the ability of the state to respond to the population, that is irresponsible. " "The demarcation of the zero-deficit is the validation of the rhetoric of the austerity law that is not and has never been good for the country," he said.

Now, after the recovery of the income that has made the economy grow – "and a growing economy makes better public accounts, all data show that we are right" – says it's time to invest. It is this "the test of links", to respond to the lack of investment in public services. Because "it is in the embarrassment of PS [a esse nível] that use the rights, "he said.

He therefore recommends that the government continue: "Lack of investment in health, education, railways". Here he did not resist a CDS splinter: "The matter is serious, Nuno Melo got on a train and he left and said he wanted to privatize him," he said with a smile and received applause.

The Block Fights

Catarina Martins has left a series of measures for which she promises to fight. Lower VAT on gas and electricity in the following budget, ensure a long contributing career, raise 10 euros lower pensions already in January, new support for long-term unemployment, invest in the national health service and at the same time end with and to enable the NHS To hire those who need it, to count the total time of service to all employees, to reduce the legal costs, to reforest the country and to guarantee 1% of the GDP for Culture. "It's time to invest in the future," he shouted.

Catarina Martins left the Block declaration until the end as a party of the arch, with the formula "ready for all responsibilities." And he said with the realization that this increased responsibility is accompanied by more difficulties and critical research, the Robles case of which was exemplary. "We know it will be a tough year, we know the attacks, they do not intimidate us," Catarina Martins said.

Louçã is waiting for & nasty; dirty policy & # 39;

These spirits had already been taken to that stage by Francisco Louçã. "I even expect that in the next election campaign in Portugal we will see for the first time in a very open manner what a dirty policy is", warned the former block coordinator. In the opinion of the founder of BE, "this summer there have been some episodes of this, some newspaper stories, some news and some inconsistent things."

"But especially when you see the social networks and how some ideas and some typologies are reproduced, it is striking that there is a special fascination for Trump's right to success," he said. "He proves that anything is possible when using the most violent instruments in the dirty fight, and therefore I believe that this will be reproduced because success propagates and success imitates itself," he expected.

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