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With the banks returning to earnings in 2017, Paulo Macedo decided that this year will award prizes to employees who receive positive assessments, achieve goals or somehow stand out in their work. The bonuses, which start to be paid from next month, range from 500 to 3,000 euros and are accounted for by the chief executive of the public bank as a form of "sharing" of the profits, reports Público. In addition, those who have already been honored with the Excellence Award in the past year will receive a premium increase of 50%.

However, the premium payment is made in a period of tension between the administration and the employees of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD). The reason for this is that the business agreement was canceled by the current management – which led to employees who failed on Friday – and negotiations starting in September are not easy to guess.

The bank itself has already made a proposal to the trade unions to review this agreement, to negotiate terms and conditions that bring Caixa closer to the rules in force at the other banks. The employees insist that they do not want to lose any rights and will strengthen the defense of criteria for salary progress, such as seniority or annuity, exclusively for CGD. The revision of the salary scale can be the most important point for a new consensus.

CGD posted a profit of 52 million euros last year and strengthened this recovery in the first half of this year. These are the results that the team of Paulo Macedo now intends to distribute among employees, whereby the value of the premium is indexed for the evaluation and depends on the realization of the goals of the team and the employees themselves. In addition to these first bonuses, September is also the month in which the figures for annual earnings progressions should be reflected in wages already in 2018 – amounts that are paid retroactively to January, although the bank will admit at a first stage that would only go back to August. to be.

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