Cade accepts telecom companies that are interested in Fox-Disney deals

The Board of Directors for Economic Defense (Cade) has accepted applications from telecommunication companies that are active in Brazil to participate as third parties in the analysis of the acquisition of Twenty-First Century Fox by Walt Disney, Tuesday in the Government Gazette (DOU) .

Disney bought Fox & # 39; s movie and television shares in July for $ 71 billion. Disney's cash and share offer has already been approved by US regulators. Disney, owner of the ESPN sports network, has vowed to sell 22 of Fox's regional sports networks in the United States.

Cade gave companies a period of 15 days to give their opinion on the transaction.

The companies that have received permission within 15 days to express their opinion about the operation are: Simba, a joint venture between TV SBT Channel 4, Radio and Television Recorde and TV Omega; the Warner Media; at Sky Broadband Services; and the Neo TV Association, which brings together around 130 companies with pay-TV companies, Internet service providers and content distributors for paid channels.

"The arguments put forward by all petitioners point to a greater or lesser extent to possible negative effects that may result from the investigated operation and how their interests may be affected," Cade said in support of the decision.

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