Cannabis culture "can generate an added value per hectare that is totally unknown" in Alqueva – Observer

Cannabis medicinally in Alqueva? This reality can be fast. This is in any case the conviction of Jose Pedro Salema, president of Edia, defended in an interview with Cash Living. The economic newspaper, the businessman responsible for the water economy and the promotion of irrigation in the Alqueva region and who has been the chairman of the board of directors of the Alqueva Development and Infrastructure Company (EDIA) since 2013, believes that new investments "spicier" in the region.

"There is still a lot of interest in almond and olive groves, it is the two cultures that generate more investment and transactions, more almond than the olive tree, today, but the olive grove still has many new projects, and some investors have thought of things like that. that are more touring and spicier, "he explains in the interview, referring to medicinal cannabis.

Even now, in early August, we had three contacts, followed by investors looking for land to make medicinal cannabis. I do not know if they are making progress or not, but it is interesting, "stresses José Pedro SAlema.

For investors, the EDIA chairman explains, this is a culture that can generate a total unprecedented value per hectare, although the projects that have been published do not include large crops.

His values with a few more zeros than the best agricultural culture that we could imagine. But the area occupation is not significant. The models they talked about were cash crops that cover 5.10, 20 hectares. There are almond-shaped projects of two thousand hectares. Are there national projects? These are projects of foreign investors, some Portuguese emigrants return. That is why the novelties in olive, almond and cannabis. Then we have the vegetables, the fruit trees. There are projects of stone fruit: peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots. We have some vegetables of some relevance, such as the curbaceae: melon, watermelon, pumpkins, all with some expression. The onion also appears. There is a lot of onion for McDonald's in Spain to deliver, "explains the businessman.

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