Capital Airlines guarantees repayment, but no reason to suspend flights

Beijing Capital Airlines is not a good reason to suspend the company's direct flights to Lisbon, but says it intends to reimburse all customers with tickets that have already been purchased for connections from October 15th to March next year. Customers are entitled to a refund or transfer for a flight from TAP or other partners of the Chinese airline.

"We are contacting the travel agents who have issued tickets during this period when flights will no longer be available," the Capital Airlines spokesman told Dinheiro Vivo.

Customers who have purchased online flights are contacted via the call center company in Beijing.

The courier's flights are canceled for six months, the Lusa news agency said on Tuesday based on e-mails received by passengers. There are no reasons for suspension.

The representation of Capital Airlines in Lisbon says that at the moment it has no information on the reasons for the suspension of flights of the subsidiary of the Chinese group HNA, which is currently in a difficult financial period, with a cumulative debt of 78 billion euro at the end of 2017, and in the process of selling various assets, while it was heavily penalized on the markets.

Official source of ANA – Airports of Portugal, concession holder of Portuguese airports, also told Dinheiro Vivo not to have any information on the reasons for the suspension of operations initiated by Capital Airlines a year ago. ANA understands that it is "rushing" to talk about "the reasons that led to the suspension of flights between Lisbon and Beijing."

HNA has left Blue and payments to Airbus have failed

On July 26, Capital Airlines celebrated a year of direct flights between Beijing and Lisbon, claiming that they had carried more than 80,000 passengers on its three weekly flights. Back then, it said in a statement that the activities allowed the company to "gain a deeper understanding of the market to be in an excellent position to strengthen ties between China and Portugal" and was responsible for "a guarantee for future growth prospects" .

Beijing Capital Airlines is one of the aviation companies owned by the HNA conglomerate, which has an interest in TAP through the Atlantic Gateway consortium, consisting of businessmen Humberto Pedrosa and David Neeleman and Hainan Airlines, who hold 45% of Portuguese society .

The HNA group is in the process of restructuring and disposing of valuable assets in sectors such as hospitality and real estate, but has said that it does not want to give up its aviation activities. Nevertheless, this month he broke his participation in the Brazilian airline Azul, the businessman David Neeleman, a partner in the TAP business.

The sale of its stake in Azul to United Continental Airlines enabled an investment of $ 306.25 million, well below the purchase price – $ 450 million in 2016.

As early as mid-July, Reuters reported that Airbus was delaying the delivery of six A-330 aircraft to payment obligations by HNA airlines. Among the carriers was Capital Airlines.

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