Catarina Martins went to France to "train" in Centeno and PS | BE

Catarina Martins spoke on Sunday in Marseille during a meeting organized by France Insubmissa, a party led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And he did not save criticism on Mario Centeno, the PS and especially the European Union (EU).

According to the speech in Portuguese that BE gave to PÚBLICO – Catarina, a speech in French was held – the leader of the bloc recalled the recent statements by the Portuguese Minister of Finance and President Eurogroup, when the end of the program of the troika, in which he stated that "Greece has become normal again and that it now has to act responsibly."

"And what does the Greek request for" responsibility? "Mean two things, equally seriously: First, that the EU continues to blame the population of the South for the crisis in the international financial system (and therefore has nothing to do). heard of the huge destruction we have experienced in recent years) Secondly, it will continue to demand the policy of destruction from Greece: liberalization, deregulation, austerity and impossible payments of illegal debt, "he said.

Shortly thereafter, the coordinator of the BE felt that in this EU & # 39; new normal & # 39; is to live worse and what they call responsibility is nothing more than blackmail. & # 39;

Catarina also stressed that what happens in Greece "has a special meaning in Portugal": "Not only because we also have a good share of the troikabut also because the President of the Eurogroup is the Portuguese Minister of Finance. And it seems to refuse to learn from the lessons of Greece and those of Portugal. "

About Portugal and the government of the PS said Catarina Martins: "More and more are those who think that small steps are not enough." He added: "We need the courage to move on, but the Socialist Party in Portugal, as in the rest of Europe, remains in line with European neo-liberal orthodoxy and repeats: Europe does not allow it, European treaties do not let it get in. We already know the bad excuses from those who do not want to change anything. & # 39;

The leader of the block added that a number of reversals were made in Portugal for the troika, due to the growth of left-wing parties & # 39; who & # 39; allowed an unprecedented agreement with a minority government of the Socialist Party that is forced to negotiate with links & # 39 ;.

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