China welcomes end of EU restrictions on solar panels – 09/02/2018

BEIJING, Sept. (Xinhua) – China welcomes the decision of the European Commission (EC) not to renew anti-dumping and anti-subsidy subsidies on imports of solar panels from China on 3 September at midnight, after almost five years in force.

The China Ministry of Commerce said today in a statement that the movement will restore trade in solar panels between China and the EU under "normal market conditions" and create a more stable and predictable business environment for industries on both sides.

According to the state news agency "Xinhua", China sees the movement as a success to solve trade restrictions through consultations, adding that the country wants to continue working with the EU to continue promoting global free trade and a rules-based multilateral trading system.

The EU government imposed measures in December 2013 after months of investigations that have confirmed that Chinese companies sell solar panels in Europe that are clearly below normal market prices and receive unlawful subsidies from the Chinese authorities.

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