Competition 1704, this second (20), has a winner

The result of Lotofácil 1704 has not yet left. According to Caixa, he had a winning bet in the night of Monday, August 20, 2018. Read all about this in the newspaper PIRANOT.


15 hits
1 winning bet, R $ 1,894,327.94

14 hits
380 winning bets, R $ 1,533.87

13 hits
14794 winning bets, £ 10.00

12 hits
192,804 winning bets, £ 8.00

11 hits
960503 winning bets, $ 4.00


1 bet won the prize for 15 hits

Total collection

R $ 22,707,832.00

How to receive the Lotofácil 1704

You can receive your prize at any recognized lottery house or at the cashier's branches. If the net premium exceeds R $ 1,332.78 (excluding R $ 1,903.98), the payment can only be made at the Caixa sites. Values ​​equal to or higher than R $ 10,000.00 are paid after 2 days of presentation in the Caixa branch.

Result Lotofácil Independência 2018

The special competition held in September of each calendar year, which has the trade name Lotofácil da Independência, complies with the following rules:

Period of commercialization:

During 30 days with independent bets and simultaneously with the other leagues of the modality, using specific flyers (CAIXA will inform in advance the date of the start of the sale and the number of the special race).

Distribution of the amount earmarked for the payment of premiums with variable values ​​(after deduction of fixed premium rates):
– 80% – first issue – fifteen hits;
– 20% – second number – fourteen hits.

Composition of the first award track (fifteen hits):
– 80% of the percentage awarded to prizes according to the collection of the respective competition;
– The total collected for the special race;
– The total of the previous game, if there is one.

Accumulation criteria:
– If there are no winning bets with fifteen numbers, the prize is divided among the fourteen number hitters;
– If there are no winning bets with fifteen and fourteen figures, the prize is divided between the winners of thirteen numbers and so on, up to and including the fifth prize ribbon;
– In the absence of winning bets on a prize pool, the amounts are collected for the next match in the prize pool of the first prize (15 hits).

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