Concept Silver Arrow anticipates future EQ models

The EQ, a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz for electric vehicles, presented the Silver Arrow EQ concept on Friday at the Peeble Beach Elegance Contest, which combines the retro look of the brand's racing cars in the late 1930s. with avant-garde design and advanced technologies.

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With only one seat, the EQ Silver Arrow is a tribute to the Mercedes-Benz W125, which dominated the brand more than 60 years ago in the Grand Prix and which for three decades was considered the most powerful race car in the world. Designed by Rudolf Uhlenhaut, it allowed Rudolf Caracciola to become European champion in 1937. With its 12-cylinder W engine, the W125 kept the absolute speed record on public roads for 80 years. The 423.7 km / h recorded by the W125 was only reached in November 2017.

The Silver Arrow EQ has a body of carbon fiber and a 100% electric propulsion, with a capacity of 738 hp. The air intakes on the side help cool the 80 kWh battery pack, guaranteeing a range of 400 kilometers per load.

Although not expected to be produced in series, the EQ Silver Arrow lines will inspire the 10 EQ submodels that Mercedes-Benz will bring to market in 2022, including a sub-compact saloon, a compact crossover and a luxury saloon,

The rear air grill is reminiscent of motorsport, with two extensible rear wings that act as brakes, while the aerodynamic resistance improves when it is activated. With respect for the iconic W125, the Silver Arrow EQ is equipped with a sound system that guarantees you the roar of a current F1 or AMG GT.

The large grid at the front is a digital display with the headlights and the EQ symbol, illuminated in blue, the image of the sub. The rims are made of aluminum alloy and are painted in a pink gold with the EQ signature.

For you, the driver of this Silver Arrow EQ has a widescreen display that projects a 3D image of the outer envelope. Different driving modes can be selected via an integrated touchscreen in the middle of the steering wheel.

Silver Arrow also includes video game technology that allows the driver to virtually compete with ghost lobbies from current or former race cars of the brand.

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