Costa wants to achieve "progress" in recent years "irreversible"

Fifteen days after the state budget next year, António Costa says that "there is still a lot of work to be done", with the aim "to make all progress made irreversible". In an interview with TVI, the prime minister, António Costa, draws two separate characteristics from previous budgets: "better incomes" and "better conditions for companies to invest".

Satisfied with the way the negotiations have taken place, Costa guarantees that everything is done to make it a "good budget" and that it gives "confidence" to economic agents and society.

"I have to practice never to go shopping through the media," says Costa, about the conversations with the other parties. "What we have to say, we frankly say, everyone knows what the differences are between us," he said.

"If we do not do anything new in this budget for 2019, the series of measures we have already taken in the three years in the field of social benefits means an increase in expenditure with these benefits of € 1100 million," says the Prime Minister, who adds the example of the civil service: "If the salary of civil servants is not updated, the series of measures taken in the past – ie thawing – would entail an increase of about 3.1% of public administration expenditure. "

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