Cryptheads continue to register


More and more crypto-currencies are losing their value on the market and have reached historical values ​​last year. This is not surprising that the market now registers a total value of crypto media around $ 200 billion – a value that has not been registered since November 2017.

Since January 2018, the value of the most important crypto coins has declined the market, with some analysts pointing out that the last few days have been real "massacres" for investors.

According to Stan Schroeder, there is no specific reason for this fall. Ethereum, the second most used crypto currency in the market, was one of many investors' favorites to make their acquisitions. However, with the fall in the value of the currency, they are now trying to sell the remaining units at the best price, leading to a further downward trend in market value.

There are some analysts who are more conservative in this theme, indicating that increases and decreases in value are inherent in cryptomoods, with the possibility that they will return to become popular in the coming months. However, they are still an uncertain future, with the current trend to steadily decline and no predictions about when this will end.

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