Di Maio: Italians are "always first" than the rating agencies – Eurozone

Fitch has threatened to lower Italy's rating due to concerns about rising spending, which could "increase the very high level of Italian government debt to possible shocks," the agency said. "BBB", two levels above "clutter".

This decision has raised the alarm, but the Italian prime minister guarantees that he will keep his promise: watch over the Italians.

Luigi Di Maio has left the guarantee that his coalition government will first respond to the Italians and only then to the rating agencies. "We can not think of listening to the rating agencies and reassuring the markets and then putting the Italians behind us," he said, concluding: "we will always choose the Italians first," he said at a conference .

"Universal income" should be put into practice by 2019, he said, and concluded that its financing "should be included in the budget so that at least five million poor Italians can get back to work," said the prime minister. Italian.

In addition to the universal income, the executive power led by Di Maio said that he wants to reduce taxes, implement a strengthening of the pension system, destroy the VAT that is expected to occur next year, and invest in public works. will increase.

The prime minister's position comes after Fitch has found the Italian rating negative, which means that the agency might reduce the country's financial rating. This Fitch amendment was made on Friday, August 31, & # 39; night.

Minister of Finance Giovanni Tria reacted more slowly on Saturday and ensured that the country complied with the rules of the European Union. A perspective that was repeated this Sunday, through an interview with the Italian newspaper La Republica. He assured that Italy will fulfill its commitments to the EU.

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