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At 11:07 hours, the US currency increased by 0.68% against the fair value, selling at R $ 3.9842. Previously it hit $ 3.9913. See more quotes.

In the year the dollar has risen more than 20%, according to ValorPro. The dollar tourism, without an IOF collection, was sold for R $ 4.1531.

Internally, investors supervised the release of the first voting intentions after registration of the candidate slates for the October elections. They are afraid of the leadership of candidates who are less committed to tax reforms.

"The new level of the dollar in this new scenario is between R $ 4.20 and R $ 4.50," economist at Novo Futura, Pedro Paulo Silveira, told Reuters.

Abroad the dollar withdrew against a basket of currencies and also against currencies in emerging currencies after President Donald Trump, in an interview with Reuters the day before, criticized the interest rate policy of the US central bank.

The Brazilian economy suffers from the consequences of the election calendar due to the lack of definition about the next government and economic policy to be adopted from next year. As a result, the perception of risk growth by international investors increases compared to the Brazilian economy. Of the large Latin American economies, the risk of Brazil has only increased less than that of Argentina.

The emerging dollar is the most visible indicator of the growth of investors' mistrust in Brazil. On Monday, the US currency closed its highest value in over $ 2 at $ 3.95 as investors sought safer destinations than Brazil for their money.

In this session, the Brazilian central bank holds an auction of up to 4,800 traditional currency swaps, equivalent to the future sale of dollars for the rollover of maturity in September, for a total amount of US $ 5255 billion. If you keep this daily offer and sell it by the end of the month, you have played the full role.

The day before, the dollar closed at R $ 3.9566, the highest price since February 2016. The last time the dollar closed a session above R $ 3.95 was on February 29, 2016 (R $ 4.0036). The tourism dollar was traded at R $ 4.12, excluding the tax on financial transactions (IOF).

On Friday, the dollar rose 0.29% to R $ 3.9146. Last week the valuation was 1.29%. In the accumulated in the month to Friday, the high already reached 5.42%.

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