Dow Jones closed 0.75% – 10/04/2018

The Dow Jones Industrial Index closed Wednesday at 0.75%, one day after the inclusion of the new record in a trading session characterized by the sharp rise in the yield on government debt securities of the United States.

The main indicator of the New York Stock Exchange lost 200.91 points to 26,627.48 and recorded the largest daily decline since nearly 10 months since 10 August. The S & P 500 decreased by 0.82% to 2,901.61 and the Nasdaq composite index decreased by 1.81% to 7,879.51.

Today's key news on Wall Street was high interest rates on US government bonds, with 10-year treasuries that sometimes reached a 3.2% threshold, the highest figure since 2011.

This valuation is primarily attributed to data released yesterday in the US job market beyond analysts' expectations and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's comments that there may be higher base interest rates than predicted.

In the Dow Jones, the biggest fall was Nike (-2.81%), Home Depot (-2.40%), Microsoft (-2.07%) and Apple (-1.76%). The main highlights were shares of Verizon (1.34%), Travelers (0.96%) and JPMorgan Chase (0.90%).

At the closing time of the stock market, gold deposits rose to $ 1.203.20 and the yield on US government bonds with a term of 10 years rose to 3.189%.

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