Drone is on track after being seen flying Lisbon airport – Pas

"The ANA [Aeroportos de Portugal] confirms the incident that led to an interruption of the operation for eight minutes due to the closure of traffic. The drone was found on the runway and handed over to the authorities, "the airport manager said in a written response to the Lusa news agency, adding that this incident had no effect on airport operation. "

The PSP Metropolitan Command (Cometlis) told Lusa on Monday that it had received a warning for an event with a drone "violating the airspace of the airport" that would "fall" within the perimeter of the airport "Humberto Delgado.

According to the Cometlis, the apparatus was seized by the police, who reported the facts to the Public Prosecutor for the possible crime "Attack on the safety of air, water or rail transport" as referred to in Article 288 of to investigate criminal law. of which the sentence can vary from one to ten years in prison. No people had been detained or identified in the incident.

Also according to ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal reaction, the incident was reported to the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), as regulator of the sector, and to the Office for Prevention and Investigation of Accidents with Aircraft and Railway Accidents (GPIAAF).

NAV Portugal, responsible for air traffic management, confirmed Lusa this incident, as well as the existence of another report warning the presence of a second drone flying over the airport area, which would not be observed.

Both cases were also transferred by NAV to ANAC and GPIAAF.

On Thursday, operations at Francisco Sá Carneiro airport in Porto were interrupted for about 40 minutes after a plane had seen a drone at 1,675 meters.

NAV Portugal stated the following day that the suspension of landings and takeoffs took place between 14:52 and 15:32, "the time needed to perform security checks", adding that the authorities "no drone".

Civil aviation reported 16 drone incidents in the first half of this year, according to data submitted by Lusa by the National Civil Aviation Authority, which instituted 15 criminal offenses in 2017 and two by the end of June.

The ANAC regulation, which came into force on January 13, 2017, prohibits drone flight (unmanned aerial vehicles) of more than 120 meters high and in the approach and departure areas of the airports.

In the first six months of this year, 16 drone incidents were reported in the vicinity of the national airports, in the air corridors approaching the airports or in the last phase of the landing at 400, 700, 900 or 1,200 meters altitude, according to some of the crew reports, violating the regulations of the ANAC.

On 28 July, Legislative Decree No. 58/2018 of July 23 entered into force, making it compulsory to register these appliances with more than 250 grams, the conclusion of a civil liability insurance for drones over 900 and provides: "a sanction framework of apply to those who violate these obligations, to discourage and censor behavior that may endanger the safety of all, properly and proportionately. "

The document states that the violation of the rules in the use of the drones can be punished with a fine of between € 300 and € 7,500, in addition to the temporary obstruction or confiscation of the devices.

The law stipulates "fines for a minimum amount of 300 euros, for small administrative offenses committed by natural persons, and of which the maximum amount is 7,500 euros, in the case of very serious errors committed by legal entities."

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