Elon Musk ensures that Tesla remains in stock – Cm ao Minuto

Tesla's chief executive, Elon Musk, said on Friday that he was not planning to remove the electric car company after he had threatened to do so.

According to a statement, Elon Musk made the decision based on feedback from shareholders, including institutional investors.

On 7 August, the chief executive of Tesla wrote on his Twitter account that he was considering making Tesla private for $ 420 [cerca de 360 euros]".

Musk's twitt came hours after the Financial Times reported that Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund (oil-exporting country) purchased a substantial stake (between 3% and 5%) in Tesla Inc.

Musk & # 39; twitt & # 39; also comes two weeks after Tesla revealed that it had lost 717.5 million euros in the second quarter of the year.

Tesla has lost millions to the target to produce five thousand Model 3 copies per week by June. The company says production is rising with the target and six thousand a week until the end and August.

In mid-August Elon Musk gave an interview to the New York Times, in which he confessed that he & # 39; was the most difficult and painful year of his (her) career.

The style of Musk has been criticized because it is seen as contrary to Wall Street. Earlier this year, he excluded two analysts from a conference, after questions that bothered him.

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