Estonia rents in Portugal and offers free stay

Companies have never done so much effort to conquer talent. Almost half of the world shows that finding candidates with specific technical skills is an obstacle. Estonia is aware of the trend and has launched an innovative recruitment campaign to find senior Information Technology (IT) experts for leading companies in the sector. Career Hunt offers the 20 selected candidates the opportunity to visit the capital (Tallinn) and the rest of the country for five days, all paid. The goal is to raise awareness of Estonian qualities and attract talents.

"Having simple vacancies is no longer enough, people are now much more mobile than before and employers have to work harder to come to them," says Karoli Hindriks, CEO of Jobbatical, an international employment portal. In this campaign there are 12 companies to recruit, including Taxify, Twilio or Microsoft, and interested people can request more than one vacancy.

And Estonian offers are not here either. In addition to visiting the country for five days, candidates will have contact with startups unicorns, local technological events, NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center and Robotex, the largest robotics festival in the world. After they have been selected, they can participate in the Career hunting week, when the contractual conditions are revealed.

"We do not say that Estonia is perfect, but it is an incredible place to work and to live", says the official website. Selected candidates have the opportunity to have contact with the country and are inspired when it is time to make a decision. Applications are open until 23 September.

Estonia is considered one of the largest hubs & # 39; the world's most successful technology companies. It is estimated that by 2020 the Estonian labor market will reach 37,000 specialists in information and communication technologies.

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