Expresso Pedro Queiroz Pereira died

The businessman Pedro Queiroz Pereira died this Saturday. He was 69.

He was one of the most important entrepreneurs in Portugal, according to the magazine Exame, of a fortune worth 779 million euros (together with his mother Maud), which made him the seventh richest country.

Major shareholder of the Semapa group, owner of Navigator (the pulp and paper giant previously known as Portucel), but also of the Secil cement company and its activities in the field of environment and energy, Queiroz Pereira were known not to have potatoes on the tongue, but also to cultivate some discretion.

The last interview he gave to Expresso was on February 6, 2016, when he left the air in the air to cancel the messages. investments that it had planned for Portugal, following the government's decision to call a halt to the expansion of the eucalyptus area in the country, based on the agreement reached with the Green Party Ecologist. Investing in Portugal?

In his business career he was celebrated the war he had in 2001 with the government of António Guterres because of Cimpor, a company that tried to control, without success, because he started the finance minister, Joaquim Pina Moura, a lie to insult. It has launched a takeover bid on the cement plant, together with the Holcim in Switzerland, but ultimately supplied Cimpor to Teixeira Duarte, BCP and Lafarge. That did not appear to control the cement. This failed operation was one of his major concerns, given that Cimpor was in the hands of the Brazilian group Camargo Corrêa, who had split it up.

But if there were bad luck in Cimpor, the same can not be said about Portucel who managed it in 2004 and that is a real money-making machine, exports to many countries and with large investment projects, namely in Mozambique.

It had a historical connection with the Espírito Santo Group, whose shareholder was, but the case of Cimpor ended a pause with Ricardo Salgado, whom he even accused of betrayal.

But it was more recently in 2013 and 2014 that the bad relationship with Salgado really came from above, after a dispute familiar with his sisters. Queiroz Pereira accused Ricardo Salgado of becoming a member of his sister Maude to control the Semapa group.

The war with Salgado was decisive for the collapse of the Espírito Santo group. Queiroz Pereira, as a shareholder, knew a lot about what was happening there. He started asking questions and accusations. And in the middle it helped not only to end the reign of Ricardo Salgado, but also forced the sister to make a separation of water, controlling to control the Semapa. " The group is mine now," he said in an interview with Expresso.

In recent years he has left the executive management of companies. He was currently chairman of the board of directors of Semapa, with João Castello Branco as executive chairman, and also of The Navigator Company, led by Diogo da Silveira and Secil, who is the leader of the Swiss Otmar Hübscher [19659013].

One of his passions was car racing. He became a driver – hence the name PQP for which he is still known today.

He became a widow in 2014. His daughters Mafalda, Lua and Filipa are now taking over their estate, the break-up of which was prevented in the year according to the Economic Gazette by the establishment of a private private fund, only registered by them, who manages the assets


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