Facebook evaluates the credibility of users

Facebook intends to identify disinformation faster and more effectively, which is why it has introduced a system in recent months to assess the credibility of its users.

According to the Washington Post, the product manager of this technology, Tessa Lyons, this system allows you to know who the trusted persons are in the field of complaints for false publications, which will help the content verification teams to better channel their performance.

Tessa Lyons stressed that complaints about articles such as & # 39; fake news & # 39; just because a reader disagrees with what they read or because they want to influence the creator of that content. By creating an algorithm to filter out who is warning about really fake publications, Facebook can rely on a network of trusted users, a valuable help to identify deceptive content.

According to the American newspaper, this rating scale uses a score of 0 to 1. There are not many details advanced, but it is possible that the system – which started in early 2018 – can also identify false profiles.

It is also unclear whether this classification of users only measures the reports that they make, depending on whether their truthfulness has been verified.

Under intense criticism, because the circulation of false news would be allowed, which has even affected the election results, one of the biggest concerns of Facebook was the bet on its credibility.

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