Families will spend € 487 on school supplies on average

Portuguese families spend on average 487 euros this year on school supplies, an increase of 88 euros compared to last year, according to a survey that was released by a personal credit company on Monday.

Buying books, backpacks and notebooks for the next school year costs on average 22% more than last year and 7% more than two years ago.

In 2017, an identical survey of the same entity (Cetelem Observer) reported that Portuguese families would have to spend an average of 399 euros on return to school, and in 2016 an average of 455 euros.

The study, based on a survey of 600 people, also indicates that one third of Portuguese people admit to spend up to 500 euros and that 7% of school costs can be more than 750 euros.

The results also indicate that "because of a more realistic perspective or lack of planning" 35% of parents with school children still have no idea how much they will spend this year.

The number of respondents with school children older than five has decreased this year compared to previous years.

In 2018, 35% of respondents reported that children were over five years old and in 2017 this percentage reached 40%. However, the value is higher than in the past between 2012 and 2015, when it was lower than 30%.

In the last school year, textbooks were free for students in the first cycle of public schools, and this year (2018-2019) they are free until the 6th school year.

In the academic year 2019-2020, the free program should be extended to more levels of public education.

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