For 17 years, families have not been spending so much time on cars, computers, furniture and appliances

The signs were there: the restored labor market – unemployment is the lowest since 2002 – and consumer credit at a high level – new loans have grown by almost 18% to the highest since 2004. Indicators that marked the rise in household consumption of durable goods such as cars, motorcycles, computers, furniture, appliances and tools. An evolution confirmed by data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) on the behavior of the economy in the second quarter of this year, released this Friday.

Final consumer spending on durable goods from Portuguese residents increased by 8.8% between April and June on an annual basis, faster than in the first three months of the year and reached a total of € 3.122 billion. To find a higher quarterly value, it is necessary to go back 17 years, until the first three months of 2001.

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