Ford GT Heritage evokes a domination at Le Mans

text: Nuno Fatela
date: August 25, 2018

The 50 years since the first victory of the GT's famous double conquest at Le Mans in 1968 and 1969, of the iconic sport of the blue oval adorned with the colors of US Gulf oil, are highlighted in 2018. To this achievement To celebrate, the Ford GT Heritage now comes with a very special painting

One of the most famous (perhaps even the most famous … pages in Le Mans history is the rivalry between Ferrari and Ford in the 60s. It all starts when the grandson of the blue oval founder Henri Ford II decides to deconstruct the Ferrari regime in the race, which lasted from 1959 to 1965. This was the answer to the cancellation of the purchase of the Cavallino Rampante by the Americans, who gave birth to the first car in the The United States was fabricated to be the most important test of resistance from the planet, and that happened not only once but for four consecutive years between 1966 and 1969. Of these victories, a famous painting was in light blue and orange shades of the car. ; s sponsored by American Gulf Oil that won the race in & # 39; 68 and & # 39; 69, and which is now being celebrated by the American manufacturer.

To remember the half century since the first of these victories in blue and orange hues, the Ford GT Heritage has now been presented, in which the new generation of super sport will get this same unforgettable look. In this way, the manufacturer who has led to the mass production of cars is hoping to honor chassis no. 1075, making the Ford GT MKI one of the few cars that has won in La Sarthe (recently a Ferrari came on the market that made the same pair years ago), so the modern WG strengthens the connection with the competition world with specific elements.

Of note is the introduction of options with the carbon fiber that is exposed to the super sports car, as Ford GT Heritage offers this material in areas such as the A pillar. In addition, other exclusive elements are created, such as 20 "forged wheels of an aluminum block and the decorations with the nº9, which appeared at the winner of Le Mans in 1968. For the following year a look with number 6 is reserved, in honor of the appearance with which the American car was the first to flag the chess in the year 1969.

On board we also have some materials that add this new option to the competition world, because in addition to the large-scale characteristic of carbon fiber, we find the Alcantara in the seats, the steering wheel, the pillars and the roof line. Moreover, to further honor the MK I, also within the Ford GT Heritage we have a combination for the seams between the blue and the orange of American Gulf Oil. At the end of this look we find the plates that usually identify the models that were created to honor the tradition and history of the American brand.

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