From the AK-47 electric car gun

The CV-1, the Kalashnikov electric car
– Bloomberg

MOSCOW – Concern Kalashnikov JSC, creator of the AK-47 rifle – one of the world's most widely used ammunition – has just entered the disputed market for electric cars, which extends from technology entrepreneurs and manufacturers of vacuum cleaners to the largest car industry world.

The car, called CV-1, is blue and has a retro design reminiscent of the Izh-Kombi of the Soviet Union, a popular car from the 1970s. Kalashnikov showed the car this week at a weaponry in Moscow . placed in a community on its Facebook page.

The CV-1 will help the entrepreneur to enter the list of producers of electric cars, such as Tesla, and become a competitor, the maker told the news agency RIA Novosti. Kalishnikov had tried to expand his brand by buying stores to sell his clothing line and other civilian accessories.

With the increase in electric cars, although from a still small base, new companies struggle to enter a sector dominated by traditional manufacturers such as Volkswagen and General Motors. Many produce a prototype, but then experience problems in overcoming financial constraints, managing a very complex supply chain and production process and being able to produce cars in a cost-effective way.

One of the new best candidates is China NIO, who has submitted a request to launch $ 1.8 billion of shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Others, such as Sony, have launched the possibility to enter the market of "moving objects". And Dyson, the maker of vacuum cleaners, surprised everyone a little more than a year ago when it unveiled plans to build an electric car by 2020 with an investment of $ 1.3 million in the company.


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