Galp with higher prices than EDP in fast shipments for electric vehicles – Transport

The fast shipping of electric cars starts from November 1 this year. Mobi.e, operator of the network, has released Monday the prices that will be applied in the various stations.

In a statement, Mobi.e states that the prices include three components: the service of the electricity market for electric mobility (CEME), the operation of the charging station and the remuneration of the management entity, which will be "zero euros at this stage".

To be able to use fast charging stations, drivers must have a network access card issued by one of the CEME.

"The cost of a charge is equal to the amount that your CEME charges you for the service (including the energy), plus the value of the operation of the station in question, nor the percentage of the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology ( DGEG) ", says Mobi.e.

The table revealed by the management entity shows that some stations calculate a first fixed amount and others only calculate the variable value, which can be calculated as a function of time (euros per minute) or energy consumption (euros per kilowatt hour).

Of the stations already in use, the highest prices are presented by Galp Power and GalpGeste, who charge € 0.499 with an initial fixed amount and € 0.162 per kilowatt hour.

EDP ​​Comercial, for its part, charges 0.15 euros in initial fixed value and 0.09 euros per kilowatt hour.

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