Greece officially puts an end to "last" financial rescue operation – News

Brussels, 20 August (EFE) .- Greece officially closes Monday the last "successful" financial assistance program, according to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a Luxembourg-based body responsible for the three years in which the Greek government could receive 61.9 billion euros.

In a statement, the EMS mentioned the exit of Greece from the "successful" program, for which it was supported by macroeconomic adjustments and recapitalization of the banks.

The authority recalled that it was not necessary to make the EUR 24.1 billion available within the limit of EUR 86 billion envisaged by the program. Greece thus puts an end to the package of financial support that the ESM members adopted in August 2015.

The country also received EUR 141.8 billion in loans from the European System of Financial Supervision (EFSF, the temporary repayment fund) established in 2010) between 2012 and 2015.

With a count of both funds, the total receipt 203.77 billion euros, a ransom "unprecedented in modern history" in words from the ESM, with loans that have to be paid in more of an average of 30 years and "very favorable" interest rates.

Between 2010 and 2012, Athens received € 52.9 billion of bilateral loans from euro area countries. Today we can safely terminate the ESM program without further redistribution in the series, because Greece can not be included for the first time since the beginning of 2010. stand alone, "said the chairman of the MEE board of directors Ma

MEE Managing Director Klaus Regling stated that Greece is" the fifth country after Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus have left an EFSF or ESM program. "[19659002] "We want Greece to be another success story, that it is a prosperous country in which investors trust. "

According to the ESM, support programs" have enabled Greece to save around EUR 12 billion a year in

The authority has ensured that it continues to work with the Greek authorities to ensure that they The ESM will receive regular reports from Athens and will join the European Commission in the periodic missions as part of the monitoring of the country's reforms.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has – simultaneously with bilateral and EFSF support – a loan of 32 disbursed, 1 billion euros to Greece, of which 21 billion have already been returned. (Fbq.loaded) {var fbds = document.createElement ("script"); fbds.async = "fbd. async "true; fbds.src =" "; var s = document.getElementsByTagName (" script ") [0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore (fbds, s ); _fbq.loaded = true;} _ fbq.push ([“addPixelId”,”1425099884432564″]);}) (); window._fbq = windo w._fbq || []; window._fbq.push ([“track”,”PixelInitialized”,{}]);

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