GT X Experimental: Opel presents its future SUV

Opel has now unveiled images of its latest concept car. The new Opel GT X Experimental takes the form of a five-door electric coupé with coupé profile and is full of innovative ideas. Opel's latest concept car also reflects brand values ​​and shows the product side of the & # 39; PACE! & # 39; Strategic plan presented in November 2017.

Opel decided to symbolize the vision of its new models in a compact SUV of only four meters long (length: 4,063 m, width: 1,830 m, height: 1,528 m, wheelbase: 2,625 m). SUVs are currently the most popular vehicles on the market and Opel is driven by the intention to make these models more attractive to a diverse audience. For this reason, the Opel GT X Experimental is built on a lightweight architecture, has compact shapes and uses 17-inch wheels (which look much larger) to maximize comfort, yet still give an unmistakably striking appearance.

In line with the strategic plan's aim to offer electric versions of each Opel model in 2024, the GT X Experimental is a new generation of 50 kWh lithium-ion electric vehicle that can receive induction loads. The GT X Experimental does not intend to drive completely autonomously. However, it has level 3 autonomy functions, which means that the car is capable of providing all aspects of driving, but the driver must be able to respond to a request for intervention.

The GT X Experimental has a spacious interior, without obstacles, thanks to the rear doors of an antagonistic opening and all doors with a great opening of 90 degrees. The panoramic windbreak extends to the rear seats, giving the passenger a special light and improving the feeling of space.

The instrument panel clearly distinguishes itself on a tab that forms a module that the & # 39; Opel Vizor & # 39; replicates. The designers gave it the name of & # 39; Pure Panel & # 39 ;. This extensive dashboard consists of one surface and shows that the multitude of screens, keys and controls of today's cars can become outdated. The Pure Panel gives you access to the latest technology and provides the necessary information to eliminate all visual elements of distraction.

The refinement of the & # 39; design & # 39; of the passenger compartment is reflected in details, such as the placement of the air exits hidden behind the scenes, creating a unique surface language. The & # 39; Pure Panel & # 39; solution also shows how Opel uses the technology to simplify the use of the car. At the ends of the table two screens are attached to the respective outer chambers which replace the rear-view mirrors. The design of the steering wheel reproduces the theme Opel Vizor & # 39; in the central module. Just like the wheel emblems, the steering wheel emblem is always right, regardless of the rotation of the rim.

The seats seem to float in the passenger compartment and strengthen the & # 39; high-tech & # 39; radiance of the entire space. The loudspeakers, placed next to the head restraints, are detachable. The decorative elements restore the trapezoidal shape at various points.

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