Half of the IRS and housing discounts for returning emigrants

It is one of the flagship measures of the PS proposal for the next year's state budget: those who return to Portugal in 2019 and pay half of the IRS in 2019 receive a discount on the return journey and in the home. The announcement was made by António Costa in the rally that marked the Socialist Party's rent in the new election year.

The Secretary-General of the PS also promised the largest budget increase in the sector of culture, education (especially in vocational education) and science, with the creation of 5,000 scientific jobs, public and private.

At the beginning of the new political year, António Costa assured that rigor would not be sacrificed to "not spoil what has already been achieved", and stressed the importance of maintaining political stability with the partners of the "thing". PCP and BE are "essential", Costa said, but the PS is "essential".

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