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Abav Expo - Geraldo RochaRocha: fair brings trends to the public

Planned for 26, 27 and 28 September in São Paulo, the 46th Abav Expo has a space focused on innovation and technology. Travelport Connects Big Data, sponsored by Travelport, shows the extent to which technology can lead the tourism sector.

The solutions in space are designed to solve the daily needs of different segments of the tourism sector. In addition, the technologies ensure higher revenues, higher productivity and better customer experiences.

At Travelport Connect Big Data, visitors find products and services for the implementation of new processes. In total there are 12 exhibitors in a large shared booth, Site Minder koffers, Big Data Corp and WTS, among others.

46th Abav Expo: connection

The space also serves as a connection of the public with players from the sector, enabling activation and chat between professionals in the field of tourism and technology. "The Abav Expo is the moment to know the latest trends for the segment: changing travel into a better experience, either in leisure or in business, is our current role," says Geraldo Rocha, president of Abav Nacional, the organizer of the meeting.

With a public expectation of 23 thousand people, the 46th Abav Expo has 1.1 thousand brands exhibiting in an area of ​​37.8 thousand square meters. Of the exhibitors present, 32 come from outside the country. To date, there are already 5.7 thousand registered participants. The traditional fair is held this year in the Anhembi complex, after several editions in the Expo Center Norte.

(*) Cover credits: Geralt / Hotelier News

(*) Photo credit: Filip Calixto / Hotelier News

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