Housing. Rent a room in Braga costs on average 196 euros p / month – Weekly V

It has led to the search for rooms to rent, with the district of Braga being one of the most expensive to occupy a room in a shared residence. The average in the district is 196 euros per month, the fourth highest in the country, but is lower national average (244 euros).

The first is the district of Lisbon, where the monthly average for the rent of a room is 323 euros. It follows Porto (261 euros) and Setúbal (244 euros).

According to a survey of the "Idealist" real estate portal, the average age of these room tenants is slightly more than thirty years old and they usually rent rooms in homes in the center of the big cities.

According to the same website, the profile of the single-room tenant in Braga is 33 years old, non-smoker, although he is tolerant of those who smoke and do not have pets.

According to published indicators, the rental price rose by 6.7% at national level in August 2017.

The most economical neighborhoods to rent a room are, in this order, Santarém (169 euros per month), Leiria (180 euros) and Coimbra (190 euros).

According to sex, 79% of households live in both sexes and 15.8% of homes live only women and 5.1% only men.

The study also allows us to conclude that renting rooms is no longer just a housing option for students, but the option is also chosen by young graduates who have recently started working.

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