IKEA has a new sales strategy in Portugal. Know what will change

It is certainly a Portuguese house. IKEA's new slogan is "there is no house like ours". The Swedish company has been in Portugal for 14 years and after "changing the way the Portuguese looked at their home", it is now determined to show real stories that appreciate the importance of the house for everyone.

Helena Gouveia, marketing manager at IKEA Portugal, welcomed this Tuesday with the 71% IKEA in Portugal has in the so-called top of mind (popularity ranking of a brand), the highest in the world for the Swedish brand. In this connection he recalled that with the arrival of IKEA Alfragide in 2004 "the houses in Portugal became more of an expression of the family that lived there and not just functional places."

That is why the strategy for the new fiscal year of IKEA, which starts in September, tells real stories of Portuguese families. As a result, some IKEA teams have made several visits to customers' homes across the country. "We wanted to see how people used our products so that we could come up with new solutions and adapt our stores to what we saw," said the national marketing leader.

The idea for 2019 is also to keep the product strategy accessible: "We need to know how many people can spend each month on our products." In addition, they presented a national study, in which 45% of people said that it is home that they have the most important relationships and that is where 58% of the Portuguese have discussions.

IKEA 2019 Catalog sleeve

The catalog begins to be distributed in the coming weeks – three million copies – and seven houses will be represented and different histories will be shown on the pages. They will also return to the adapted catalogs, a successful initiative last year, which led to the issuance of 16,000 catalogs with 16,000 represented families.

To inspire its customers, IKEA will also renew the shop four times a year and tell a real story for every season of the year, imitated by actors. Already before this fall, the story is told by Aline, a young woman who went to a store to buy furniture for a new house, after she had discussed with her mother. The video used in this story shows the discussion, the way to leave the house and how memories of objects that exist in the mother's house led the young woman to return home and to go with her mother. to reconcile. Aline was evaluated in the video, and in the meantime she was also her own mother.

For the winter, the theme will be the way the house allows the family to spend more time together, while it is a more positive story for spring and in summer a story of a customer who grows and speaks of her grandmother's house. the memories of the grandparents.

Teaching to decorate in IKEA style

To answer one of the most common customer requests to the company, IKEA launches Portugal until the end of the Escola da Casa project. Because many customers want rooms or rooms that are identical to the IKEA store, and even if they buy the same furniture, that is not possible. IKEA gives tutorials to give decoration with respect for the new tendencies of the home station. Workshops will also be given by store architects and a digital design with an interior designer who responds to customer inquiries online.

With 1.2 million IKEA Family members and 14 million visitors in stores, IKEA is betting this year on the slogan "There is no house like ours". The very Portuguese expression "saudade positiva" replaces the signature of the brand launched in 2004: "live your house".

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