Inauguration of Vila Gale Touros Hotel Resort Conference & Spa gathered the trade

Several authorities have praised the opening of this resort

Direct from Bulls (RN) – The opening ceremony of the Vila Gale Touros Hotel Resort Conferece & Spa, the 31st unit of the Portuguese hotel group Vila Gale in the world, being 23 in Portugal and eight in Brazil. The ceremony was very prestigious and was attended by various public authorities such as: Rogério Coser, director of the planning department of the Ministry of Tourism; Rondinelle Oliveira, managing director of IDEMA – Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment of Rio Grande do Norte; the mayor of the bulls, Francisco de Assis Pinheiro; José Odécio, President of ABIH-RN – Brazilian Hotel Industry Association or Rio Grande do Norte; Tatiana Mendes, Secretary of the State Administration of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Secretary of the Treasury of Rio Grande do Norte, Manoel Gaspar, among others. The general manager of CVC group products, Claiton Armelin, was present and took the stage representing the agents and operators of journeys.

Claiton Armelin: "The business vision of Jorge Rebelo is commendable"

And he started the speeches with the words: "The last resort that was opened in Brazil was in 2009, and besides Vila Galé Cumbuco, so the visionary and businesslike attitude of Jorge Rebelo de Almeida, president of the Vila Galé network, must be praised to once again believe and invest in Brazil in investing in this new resort, which is an example that needs to be followed, "Armelin said. Then Rondinelle Oliveira remembered that he had persuaded Jorge Rebelo to lay the cornerstone to undo the disbelief that other resorts had already promised to settle in Rio Grande do Norte, but did not come out. "We had a great relationship with the Vila Galé network and offered them the restrictive doors that fit the environmental legislation at the resort, we use the strictness of the law, the socio-economic issue of the region prevails, but it repeating all laws, so this is a very proud moment for us to open this resort in Touros, "Oliveira said.

Secretary Tatiana said that she had learned a lot from Jorge Rebelo and described him as "a fantastic man and a lot of energy." "Our governor's mission, Robson Faria, was to give priority to the licenses needed to implement this venture, and he has met all the current regulations and today we have realized the dream of bringing this equipment of the first that will change tourism on the north coast of our state, "Tatiana said.

Opening plate of Vila Galé Touros

Mayor Francisco said that he had a memorable night at the opening of this resort, which is of great importance to make use of the development of the entire region of the north coast of the state. "He will be the transformer of the region and will make our county known worldwide", he emphasized.

Jorge Rebelo de Almeida: "It is not logical that a country with the potential of Brazil only receives 6.5 million foreign tourists a year"

President Jorge Rebelo then said that the job was a challenge, but he managed to overcome adversity and today he is implanting another unit to open a new destination in Brazil. "We have great respect for environmental legislation and we appreciate the support we have received from public authorities, and we are very happy to make this contribution to Brazilian tourism that needs to reinvent itself and discover its potential. With the potential of Brazil, it is not logical to receive only 6.5 million foreign tourists per year, while Portugal receives 21 million, Spain 60 million and France 70 million Authorities have to adopt tourism as a government policy, since tourism is the engine of the economy is and Brazil can get out of the situation quickly, just like it happened in Portugal, and for our part we will continue to work with more optimism, because this is the revenue of entrepreneurship, "concluded Jorge Rebelo.

The general director of products of the CVC group, Claiton Armelin with some members of his team

Then the party started that was packed by the symphony orchestra of SESI-RN. Then it was the turn of singer Luciana Mello who presented great hits and hits from MPB. And the end of the party, the drummer of the samba school Mangueira in Rio de Janeiro. The members of Verde and Rosa gave a real show of rhythm and harmony.

The Hotel Magazine travels to Touros at the invitation of the Vila Galé network to cover the opening of this resort.

Look below for some opening moments of this resort.

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