Infrastructures from Portugal. Strikes next week will cause "serious disruptions" in train traffic – Observer

The three strikes announced by the Association of Commanders and Railway Control Professionals (APROFER), for next week, will cause "serious disruptions" in the rail circulation, CP-Comboios de Portugal and Fertagus informed. In the light of the minimal services CP has published on its website the operation to be carried out in the days of protests by employees of Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) – 27 (Monday), 29 (Wednesday) and 31 August (Friday).

In your websiteFertagus also indicated which trains will be stationed at the standstill of the workers, in particular the official recognition of the railways and escape routes and the general permanence of the railway infrastructure of the operational command centers of the port of Porto. , Lisbon and Setúbal. Among the requests are also salary issues and the requirement for IP and the government for a "good-faith negotiating position that allows collective bargaining", according to the warning of the strikes consulted by the Lusa agency.

APROFER criticized the repeated practice of using sabotage in the negotiations by simulating written agreements and agreements that are carried out slowly and result in the degradation of labor relations, arbitrary rules of conduct in the functioning of jobs, degradation of the health of the workers and, finally, the trivialisation of the treatment in a work process, the safety and punctuality of which depend on the railway.

In the minutes of the last 17 on the minimum services for the shutdowns that take place between 00:00 and 18:00, IP was supposed to have assumed that the minimum services included in the warnings prior to the warning are "not sufficient" to "meet the needs" social relationships. "The company presented a proposal to make" about 25% of the circulation channels available to railway operators ", due to the expected" greater flow of passengers, especially on August 31, Friday ".

The parties agreed to this definition of minimum services, which ultimately included trains for the transport of dangerous goods, emergency trains, the daily transport of fuel to Faro airport and the services that provide the permanent power supply of the overhead contact line. These attacks fall under CP, Fertagus, Medway and Takargo.

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