Insurance poster: Fidelidade president points to lack of regulation

Fidelidades chairman Jorge Magalhães Correia, in an intranet message from the group, says that if the insurance supervisor had anticipated problems at the time in the accident at work segment, "it would have waived the more responsible operators of agents of natural self-regulation of the market" . And it points out that the accompanying measures on prices were only more recent five or six years ago. The competition authority says that the practices lasted seven years.

In an investigation that began in May 2017, the competition authority accused five cartel insurers, including Fidelidade and Multicare. Magalhães Correia states that both insurers have "fully cooperated with the competition authority" and that it "carefully treats the received documents for the exercise of our rights of defense".

It stresses that "what is important to confirm at this time that all employees of the group are fully committed to respecting the applicable legal standards and to emphasize that our behavior in the Portuguese insurance market is based on the responsible demand for conditions of sustainability, the delivery of legal concerns and requirements that have been continuously communicated by the respective authorities ".

Nowhere in the message to the employees were Fidelidade and Multicare not part of the accused cartel together with Seguradora Unidas (Tranquilidade and Açoreana), Lusitania and Zurich Portugal, but it is emphasized that "in the long term an insurer is not in line with tactical maneuvers from gaining market share through artificial price declines, which have led to the known results, with the technical and financial collapse of different operators. "

That is to say, it is suggested that price conflicts were identified to prevent a free fall in prices, in particular against accidents at work, which occurred as a result of aggressive practices by other market participants.

It is recalled that the AdC accused five insurers of combining the prices of occupational, health and motor vehicle accident insurance for seven years, of which the infringement was accompanied by the involvement of 14 managers of the insurance companies concerned, between drivers and drivers. .

He also says that the bill of the AdC "is conducive to misunderstandings, in that it may imply that illegal benefits have been obtained" but also "reflects Fidelidade's efforts to defend the branch and sustainability of families who can to see your life change forever. "

Magalhães Correia even confirms that "Fidelidade already had the opportunity to present his perspective in this process, thereby drawing attention to the need to really emphasize the strictness with which it operates on the market, especially in these insurances. that support families, support thousands of retirees for their entire lives. "

And he stresses: "If the regulatory perception of problems had come forward with the necessary progress, it would have been apart from the more responsible operators of agents of natural self-regulation of the market." But such a perception, and the subsequent follow-up and supervision actions, have only happened with a certain intensity, in a more recent period, in the last 5 or 6 years. "

This means that it believes that the insurance regulator should have regulated this market over a longer period of time, but only recently, during the chairmanship of José Almaça, that "for several years this party has put particular emphasis and has permanent action. undertaken in the rebalancing of the industrial accident sector, with constant public statements about the inadequacy of prices applied to the survival of the industry. "

And he ends his message to the employees with the words: "Today begins a chapter in which, without questioning the accuracy of the performance of the competition authority, the importance of the protection and sustainability of the insurance market will be the order of the day. come and understand differently, because we get the chance to demonstrate. "

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