Lage Low cost,, airport, metro and prices strengthen AL in Porto

Cheaper airlines, road networks, airport, metro, but also European prices in the tourism sector, beaches and tourism of saudade are some reasons for the explosion of the offer of local accommodation in Porto.

Turismo de Portugal data on local accommodation to which Lusa had access today indicates that the city of Porto registered "6,463 local accommodations" in early August, first on the podium at the 18 municipalities in the Porto district.

Second in the list is Vila Nova de Gaia with 759 records from AL and third with Matosinhos with 267 records. Then follow Póvoa de Varzim with 189, Vila do Conde 171 and Amarante 86.

The increase in local accommodation (LA) in the different municipalities is explained by "different reasons", Lusa, source of tourism from Porto and Northern Portugal (TPNP) told Lusa. In the case of Póvoa and Vila do Conde, for example, is one of the reasons that the beach areas are and where holiday homes are now classified as Local Accommodation (LA) to be legalized and owners realized that they had a "broader" audience today.

Also in the case of Póvoa de Varzim or Vila do Conde the "good mobility", "the current supply of the road network", namely the metro, and a short distance from the airport Sá Carneiro are other reasons to have AL.

In the case of the county of Amarante, the appearance about three years ago of the Mimo festival, a free event that took place ten years ago in Brazil, which takes place in the summer at the river Tâmega, and the fact that it is the classification in 2017 received, from "Creative City" by the Organization for Education, Science and Culture of the United Nations (UNESCO) explain the phenomenon of increasing number of LACs.

Marco de Canaveses (59), Gondomar (58), Maia (51), Penafiel (47), Baião (46), Valongo (19) and Paredes (18) are other municipalities in the district of Porto with AL. In the case of Marco de Canaveses, for example, the declaration relates to the national offer of that province, but whose supply of hotels is scarce.

In Baião, for its part, the reason is that it is "the only municipality on the banks of the Douro Verde", a defined area of ​​green wines along the Douro, with more beds in hotel units "- Douro Royal Valley and Douro Palace Resort – factors that contribute to increasing the supply in AL, explains the same source of TPNP.

The lowest volume of AL in the municipalities of Santo Tirso (12), Felgueiras (12), Lousada (12), Trofa (10) and Paços de Ferreira (7) is justified by their "industrialized municipalities". where more a & # 39; business & # 39; is and that type of customers prefer to stay in hotel units.

Today the new law on local housing was published in Diário da República, which comes into force within 90 days and the new rules allow municipal chambers and joint owners' organizations to intervene in LA's permit.

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