"Lamentable", "ridiculous" and "insulting". Centeno video hindered gag parties – observer

After Varoufakis, the critical voice about Mario Centeno's video is to greet the end of eight years of financial aid in Greece from the socialist João Galamba. "An unfortunate video that overrides the disaster that was the Greek adaptation program and taps all the behavior of the European institutions"Wrote the deputy and former PS spokesman on his Twitter account, a reaction that generated a lot of applause in that social network, including by leaders of the left wing who did not want to hear the Portuguese Minister of Finance defend against the austerity revenues of Brussels.

The fierce attack by João Galamba focuses on the video that Mario Centeno, as president of the Eurogroup, published on the same social network on Monday, together with more reports, the end of financial aid in Greece and the return of the country. to applaud the status of full member of the European Union without further restrictions.

When João Galamba's commentary on the one hand was applauded by different personalities, including the blocans José Gusmão or Fabian Figueiredo, he was also harshly criticized by other socialists. It was the case of the Ascension Simões, who played on Facebook in defense of Mário Centeno, and who subsequently attacked his colleague, who accused himself of "cheap radicalism." "I thought João Galamba had already exhausted the two doses of cheap radicalism, I was wrong! Well, it's the summer season and even a prehistoric Syriza fragrance is good on the bourgeois color of Galamba ", one reads.

Criticism is added to the reactions of other elements of the national parties. On the side of the PSD, hard reactions and comments on the speech of Mario Centeno about the end of the Greek ransom to begin to emerge. This is the case for Miguel Morgado, who accuses the president of the Eurogroup of it "two faces":" He spent 3 years cleaning up the Portuguese Clean Exit of 2014 "and now" breaks it off nicely for a country that is devoured by problems after 8 years of rescue operation, "wrote the Social Democrat.

Or the case of Duarte Marques, Deputy of the Social Democrat, who shows the contradictions between what Centeno and Costa have said about the cuts that Portugal applied between 2011 and 2015 and what they now say about the austerity that has been applied in Greece in the same period until today. The first, according to the Social Democrat, was "unnecessary and imposed by the PSD / CDS government", and the second was "a well-managed structural reform program, coordinated but not imposed by Brussels, and more effective."

Also José Gusmão, from the Left Block, was not at all subtle in the comments to Mario Centeno & # 39; s posts. "A ridiculous video""offensive to the Greeks"And"enlightening for the Portuguese"Wrote the bloque substitute in a tweet.

already Mariana MortáguaA Bloquist spokesperson for financial affairs, said in statements to the Público newspaper that what the Minister of Finance's words about leaving Greece from the adjustment program are "dangerous" and reveal that critical scrutiny is needed. the European Union. "It is dangerous for the future of Portugal and Europe because it has a Euro Group President who believes that the crisis is the fault of the Greeks and not the European policy, it is a sign that he is willing to keep [a linha de rumo] of the European institutions and the policy of blackmail, "said the deputy in the statement of that newspaper.

Urgently to comment on the statements by Mario Centeno on the abolition by Greece of the Troika financial adjustment program, an official source of the PCP preferred to criticize what he & p. pacts of aggression against states and peoples & # 39; mentions with financial support plans, leaving Mario Centeno out of the game. "The outbound & # 39; exit & # 39; of countries, whether they are labeled as & # 39; clean & # 39 ;, is a hoax as the experience of our country shows.The restrictions on sovereignty arising from the "vigilance" of the IMF and the EU, and especially the subjection to budgetary constraints that impede the development of the country, and the reaction to national problems prove this & # 39 ;, is the communists' statement.

Social networks are flooded with the most diverse remarks in Mário Centeno's speech, even on an international level. One of the responses was signed by a correspondent from Wall Street Journal, Patricia Kowsmann, who finds a lot of "irony" in the video with the President of the Eurogroup. The journalist, who has worked from Lisbon, London, Singapore and Washington, recalls that "the government's finance minister denounced fierce criticism of the Troika and austerity, at least on paper, now talks about the benefits of all this, and how Greece can turn back its march. & # 39; wrote in a tweet.

The Portuguese Minister of Finance and the President of the Eurogroup have been on various fronts since the beginning of Monday and mark the end of the aid programs for Greece. To mark the date, Centeno pointed out that after eight years, the country "regained control through which it fought", but warned that this also entails "increased responsibility". In several messages published in his account on the social network Twitter, and also on the website of the Council of the European Union, on the day that Greece formally leaves its third foreign aid program, Centeno stresses that "today is a day special for Greece" because it ends "a long and winding path".

One of the first public reviews of these statements and the position of the Portuguese ruler came from the former Greek minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis, who accused the video of Centeno of looking like a North Korean propaganda machine & # 39; .

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