Meet the ovoid tram that travels 120 kilometers for 1.50 euros

The Microlino is fully electric, environmentally friendly and able to carry two passengers. Inspired by the BMW Isetta, a car designed in 1955, two Swiss brothers, Oliver and Merlin Ouboter, decided to make their own version of the car that became famous in the 50s and 60s because they had an egg shape.

award in the Automotive Brand Contest Award in 2016, where they presented Microlino for the first time in a prototype, in two years the company has not stopped growing and has received more than 7200 orders. Produced by Tazzari, who owns 50% of the project, Microlino is equipped with a fully electric 20 hp engine, capable of reaching a top speed of 55 km / h. In terms of autonomy, the Microlino travels up to 120 kilometers and can be loaded in four hours, in the connection there, for … 1.50 euros.

Making the accounts Microlino costs 12 thousand euros and will be on sale from next year. If you now take the calculator and take into account that the Portuguese state encourages the purchase of electric cars from January 1, 2017, you know that € 2,250 is deducted from the invoice if you think about a Microlino to buy. , that is, the & # 39; eggshell & # 39; would stand for 9.750 euros.

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