Nations Park "divided": marina and cable car are in the possession of the state

In 2011, after the dismantling of the holding company Parque Expo & # 39; 98, the sale of the marina and the cable car of Parque das Nações came into consideration, but the two structures will be definitively owned by the state, contrary to what happened with the Atlantic Pavilion, the newspaper "Diário de Notícias", reported Monday.

This transfer of assets completes the liquidation and liquidation of the Parque Expo & # 39; 98 company, announced by the PSD-CDS government in 2011, but has just started on 30 September 2014. Assunção Cristas, current leader of CDS and former minister of Agriculture, was the main responsible for this process.

The marina in the Parque das Nações, recalls the morning, was closed and unattended for eight years, and was reopened in 2009. After years of abandonment and lawsuits, the equipment returned to welcome the nautical activity after an investment of 14 million euros.

In addition to the marina and the cable car, the state will also be in possession of 37 buildings and various factions located in the zone of the Park of Nations.

The same law also stipulates that 11 buildings and several groups are passed on to the municipality of Lisbon, but if they were sold or rented out, half of the revenues that the autarky yielded returned to the state, pay attention to the DN.

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