Natural gas in almost all transmontane municipalities within a year

Natural gas distribution networks will be reached in almost all districts in the Bragança and Vila Real districts in just over a year, according to the investment company on Friday. Sonorgás, from the Dourogás group, has received concessions for 18 municipalities and is investing 58 million euros in the construction of autonomous gas units and respective networks, with the completion of all expected infrastructure "by the end of 2019".

The group is already responsible for the networks in seven municipalities and with the new investments in the entire Transmontana region, only the Mesão Frio municipalities in Vila Real and Miranda do Douro in Bragança will not yet be covered by channeled natural gas, according to the Executive Director, Nuno Moreira. Construction work has already started in six of the 18 planned municipalities and the first connections have already been made in the municipalities of Alijó (Vila Real) and Vila Flor (Bragança), included in this group.

The president of Douro spoke at the inauguration ceremony for the arrival of natural gas in Vila Flor and explained that the new networks will only be installed at the headquarters of the county and that this investment is intended to bring natural gas to smaller villages and towns. Nuno Moreira also said that with respect to Mesão Frio and Miranda do Douro, the two municipalities "are waiting for processing the process, which they hope will be resolved soon."

Of the EUR 58 million the company invests in the new networks of 18 municipalities, EUR 29 million will be financed by the EIB, the European Investment Bank, for a term of 20 years.

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