New truckers' strike is imminent, says category leader

247 – The message boards of truckers at WhatsApp are back on steam since the announcement of a 14% increase in the price of diesel. The transition to a new stoppage of the class of workers is getting more and more intensive. Edimilson Carneiro, the Dodô, who manages the UDC page (Union of Truck Drivers of Brazil), confirms that "if it was the excitement, we stopped at different points today".

The newspaper Folha de S. Paulo reports that "nIn the early evening of this Saturday, the ANTT already had a note on its website stating that because of the variation in the price of diesel, the adjustments in the freight table will be promoted, as provided for in the law sanctioned by Temer.

According to the article, "The idea of ​​truck drivers is to exert pressure on the regulatory bodies responsible for enforcing the agreed agreement with the government in May."

"We will gather ten truck drivers from each state of the country and we will go to Brasilia, to the front of the ANTT building, no banging, let's just like the homeless, we will invade the building and leave only there if they meet us, "said Edimilson Carneiro.

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