News by minute – "It was not Centeno who joined the Eurogroup, the Eurogroup went to Rye"

andm Leiria, during the opening of BE & # 39; s policy, the Socialist Forum 2018, Marisa Matias condemned that social democracy has resigned "from a fundamental task in the European Union space to avoid the culture of the dominant technocracy and the emptying of the democration. "

"If there was any doubt, Mário Centeno's recent statements about the closure of Greece's adjustment program are a sad picture of this reality." As planned, Centeno was not affiliated to the Eurogroup, it was the Eurogroup that entered Centeno ", criticized.

In the opinion of the Blocist member of the European Parliament, "the Eurogroup never left Centeno" because "the program was never any other than austerity", emphasizing that "if there were restrictions on austerity in Portugal, it was due to the imposition of links and in particular the imposition of the BE. "

"If it was dependent on Mario Centeno's program, we would still be in permanent alignment today and that is why António Costa's statements in Italy yesterday were gruesome because it seems to me that the sober Europe of which the prime minister spoke was a fiction is and Mario Centeno is not trying to pretend, "he noted.

On 20 August, Eurogroup President Mio Centeno welcomed the end of the Greek aid programs in a video on the internet, pointing out that after eight years the country "regained control through which it fought", but warnings that this also an increased "responsibility".

Marisa Matias has made it clear that she deeply believes that social democracy has failed to stop right-wing extremity & # 39; The left-hand question is the capacity and obligation to try to stop the right-wing project & # 39;

"The Europe of the internal market and the free movement of capital, the Europe of dumping, the Europe of winners and losers, the Europe of inequalities was a standardization model obtained with the withdrawal of social democracy," he said.

Macroeconomic imbalances, continued the bloc, "have become the identity of the European Union".

"What remained of the European Social Democracy were generalities that any liberal can say, generalities about giving up public services and protecting employees," he complained.

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