Opel GT Experimental X. The future of the brand starts here

the Opel GT Experimental X is not just another concept – today they are generally no more than show car & # 39; sthat is, production models "loaded with make-up".

On the other hand, GT X is a manifesto on the future of the brand, a concentrate of visual and technological solutions that will guide future Opel, and also marks the beginning of a "new" Opel, now integrated into the PSA Group, the French automotive group with Peugeot, Citroën and DS.

Even with the "fashionable" typology, a compact SUV or crossover – only 4.06 m long – the GT X does not expect a direct production model, but gives strong indications about what may be expected of the future Opel. And of course the new visual identity is most obvious.

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